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It was a pleasure for our team to create this incredibly clean WordPress website for Roann, a local Yorkshire based worktop expert business. Collaborating with Roann’s marketing team was (as usual) a pleasure because we had the same objective of designing a website that would improve Roann’s online B2B presence and elevate their brand.


The ultimate result was a magnificent user-friendly website targeted exclusively at their B2B customer base. The design of the website was simple yet visually appealing, with an emphasis on highlighting Roann’s products and services. We made sure the website was simple to use, with clear calls to action that directed users to contact the sales team.


Overall, our work with Roann’s marketing team was a success, and we are very happy with the end result. The new website is not only beautiful but also extremely functional, and we are convinced that it will assist Roann in attracting and retaining more B2B customers.



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