Plum Product Marketing gets a roaring new look with Art Deco-inspired branding design

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Embarking on the brand development and website design for Plum Product Marketing was a delightful collaboration, especially with the talented Jayne at the helm. Working with Jayne is always a pleasure because of her exceptional skills and clarity of direction, making this project a seamless and enjoyable endeavor. The brand development process took inspiration from the timeless era of art deco, incorporating beautiful geometric patterns as a nod to the sophistication and elegance associated with that period. These elements were meticulously integrated into a comprehensive branding suite, encompassing both print and digital assets, creating a cohesive visual identity for Plum Product Marketing.


The centre piece of this project was the creation of a full WordPress brochure site designed to make a lasting impact. The website not only packs a punch in terms of aesthetics but also serves as a powerful tool to communicate Jayne’s expertise and decades of experience in the field. Every aspect of the site was thoughtfully crafted to provide prospective clients with a clear indication of Plum Product Marketing’s services while showcasing Jayne’s vast knowledge and proficiency in the industry. The result is a dynamic and visually stunning online platform that not only represents Plum Product Marketing authentically but also captures the essence of Jayne’s unparalleled expertise.


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