I am Obsessed with Pinterest, you should be too

Hi my name is Mel and I am totally and utterly unapologetically obsessed with Pinterest, some would call it an addiction, some would say I need therapy (I’m pretty sure my therapist would agree) but I call it my business benefiting obsession.

I like many of you, I am sure, started my obsession planning every inch of my unborn baby’s life way back in 2013. I had boards upon boards of nursey décor, shit I really didn’t need but absolutely had to have and that oh so important hospital bag list.

This is absolutely not how I utilize it these days and as much as I still drop back to my daily amusement of dog shaming (I kid you not, search it!, you will be howling) my core focus these days is using Pinterest to spread the word of my business and what I have to offer as well as what my clients have to offer.

A couple of years ago I had a conversation with a potential client, and she asked me how Pinterest could benefit a business so I asked her about her Pinning habits. What she told me that day perfectly sums up why more businesses should be using Pinterest. You see she was looking for some ideas as to what garden furniture would be best for her, she tapped in garden furniture, did a little scrolling and came upon a pin of some beautiful garden furniture from B&Q I believe (don’t quote me on this detail) so she clicked through the link and purchased said Garden furniture. Case closed.

A massive 85% of Pinterest users are on the platform to make a purchase why not make that a purchase on your website, Etsy or just about any other payment taking platform.

Ecommerce is not the only business type that benefits from the power that is Pinterest and although I utilise it for my clients that sell products, I personally use it to sell my services. Pinterest has given me the opportunity to get in the faces of business owners who would not ordinarily have the occasion to come across my business, my reach has been much further than the beautiful shores of the UK which has in turn moved my business from the local lovely that it was to one that will allow me to travel and will eventually allow me to bugger off to Bordeaux and take the business with me.

So how can you benefit from Pinterest?, here are the top six reasons you should start using Pinterest for your business, regardless of the type!

Pinterest converts more website visitors into buyers.

Pinterest reduces the number of steps between discovery and conversion, making it easier for people to get to the source. Pinterest visitors are more likely to convert into leads or sales than visitors from other social media platforms. Congratulations, Pinterest!

Pinterest can be thought of as a large visual search engine at times. People frequently consult it during the research phase of their planning. They also look to Pinterest for ideas. I’m sure most of us have tried at least one Pinterest recipe…

Pinterest is a traffic generator (and lots of it).

Pinterest is an excellent tool for increasing backlinks to your website, which drives more traffic. It is more effective than any other social media source at driving traffic back to a website. (Many thanks, rich pins!)

This increase in traffic is obviously dependent on good content. If you create and share content that your audience enjoys, they are more likely to click on your links. Quality visuals are the foundation of good Pinterest content.

Pins increase your inbound links.

Because each pin contains a link, it is simple to direct it back to the image’s source. Consider how many visitors you can bring to your website by pinning images of your products. This is a frequently overlooked aspect of Pinterest. Never undervalue the power of an image search!

User engagement is absurdly high.

Pinterest users appear to be content with simply finding and sharing things with small groups of people. This is beneficial to your company! Why? It means that your pins will be seen, touched, and even go viral!

Pinterest can be linked to your website, Facef**k page, Insta and Etsy as well as much, much more.

What makes this a good thing? Because it allows users to post new pins to their news feeds for others to see.  You might want to factor Pinterest into your social media strategy.

Find out what your target audience enjoys.

One of the most beautiful things you can do with Pinterest is to see what is currently trending. Follow anyone who follows you to see what inspires them – you’ll get a first-hand look inside their head. Pinterest allows you to see and understand what’s popular today and use that knowledge to position your offers and products.

If you don’t want to leave money on the table but are still finding Pinterest puzzling drop us a line we would love to chat with you about how your business could benefit from Pinterest

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