Harnessing the character of Highlands Farm: A Comprehensive Rebrand, Sub-Brand Evolution, and Website Design Journey for Highlands Farm

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This exhilarating metamorphosis heralds the dawn of Highlands Farm’s refreshed and harmonious identity, we meticulously crafted this rebrand with a discerning focus on the unique facets that define Highlands Farm. Highlands Farm now extends to hosting three clear and individual sub-brands—Flower Farm, Livery Yard, and Christmas Tree Farm—under the overarching umbrella of Highlands Farm, portraying a unified brand narrative that embodies a diverse spectrum of offerings.

Aligned with Mel & Andrew’s visionary approach, we’ve seamlessly translated the essence of Highlands Farm into the digital landscape. Going beyond the realms of captivating print materials, eye-catching signage, and polished uniforms, we’ve embarked on a digital journey, erecting a sleek WordPress website fortified with ecommerce functionality. This strategic foray not only catapults Highlands Farm into the forefront of the digital era but also positions them with a dynamic online presence, primed to exhibit and retail the exquisite blooms as we approach the vibrant summer months.

The Highlands Farm rebrand serves as a tangible manifestation of our unwavering dedication to growth, innovation, and the continual delivery of a delightful experience for our cherished community of clients.

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