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The rebranding journey of Fresh Start Property Solutions (FSP) marked a significant transformation, evolving from its original identity as Fresh Start Property Solutions to a dynamic entity embracing the role of project managers. OH! Agency took the reins of this revitalization process, immersing ourselves fully within the business to gain a profound understanding of its evolution, objectives, and aspirations. This immersive approach allowed us to grasp the essence of FSP’s evolution and position within the industry.

With a clear understanding of FSP’s trajectory, OH! Agency embarked on a comprehensive rebranding strategy. We meticulously developed a brand voice and message that not only resonated with the company’s newfound identity but also communicated its expertise and forward-thinking approach as project managers. The visual assets underwent a thorough modernization process, aligning with contemporary design trends while preserving the brand’s core values.

A pivotal aspect of the rebrand was the creation of a stunning and modern website that seamlessly integrated all the new visual elements and effectively communicated the expanded scope of services. The website became a virtual reflection of FSP’s renewed brand, providing a user-friendly interface for clients and stakeholders to explore the company’s enhanced capabilities. The entire rebranding process stands as a testament to OH! Agency’s commitment to delivering holistic solutions, ensuring that every aspect of the brand, from its voice to its visual representation, echoes the evolution and dynamism of FSP in the realm of project management.

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