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CV sites- are they a thing- is it worth doing one- what is the benefit

So a number of years ago, also at a past place of work I was in the middle of recruiting a new member to our team when I was sent over via our recruitment company a web address.

How bizarre I thought to myself, why on earth would someone take the time and the expense to build a website purely for the purposes of a cv, and how very wrong I was to think this way.

I may say I am now sitting here with all my 3 children’s name domains as well as my two nieces parked up and ready to go whenever they are. So why I hear you asking, why would I go to the lengths of doing this so far in advance of them taking their very first steps onto the job ladder. Personal Branding is why.

You see we now live in a world where the exercise of personally branding ones self is taken up by younger and younger entrepreneurs. We live in a world where an 8 year youtuber (ryanstoysreview) earned a whopping $26 million in revenue in 2018, so you can see why it is such an appealing process.

So really what does this mean for the cv site, digital cv or website resume (or whatever else you want to call it). It means that digital cv’s are going to become more and more commonplace, they are going to become the “norm”. I am utterly convinced and that is why I have all of my domains parked.

Many of you will already know that the design and build of a beautiful website with top notch user experience and superpowered seo, is no mean feat but It doesn’t need to be complicated. I firmly believe that simplicity is key in this instance and like with any personal branding exercise its soul purpose is to put your best foot forward. You have the power to show your skills, talent and personality off in its best light.

Do I think it is worth doing one?, in a word yes I do. If you are a solopreneur consultant your digital cv could very quickly become your very best business asset. If you are a multihyphenate a digital Cv site could be just the very thing to allow your business portfolio to flow and a great place to show off everything you do. If you are a student (and I think this one really is key) a digital cv site makes for the perfect portfolio, showing off your progression through education, it could be key in showing your story.

Gary Vaynerchuk talks in quite detail of the use of social media being used to document progression and how much he would have loved the opportunity to allow him to watch back and relive learning all the different wine tasting notes. The digital Cv would be a professional version of this it would make for a very emotive way for future employers or clients to view your story.

Lastly I very much think that a paper cv is a very sterile way for recruiters to form an opinion of you without even meeting you, I’ve been there, disregarding applicants because you just have so many and you desperately need to get the numbers. I doubt very much that I could have as quickly discounted an applicant if I had seen a pic or video of them and read their story it’s a much easier way to gage someone’s personality.

As you may of gathered by now I am rather passionate about the new way to show off your talent so if you yourself or you know someone who is in need of a step upon the ladder give me a shout.

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